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Articles and Interviews

Smart Supplementing for Bone Health

Vitamin Connection - Dr. Richard Passwater interviews mushroom expert Ken Babal in Whole Foods Magazine

Health and Longevity with Dr. John Westerdahl - Ken Babal discusses the medicinal and nutritional benefits of mushrooms that are often overlooked by Western physicians and researchers. He will discuss his new book Mushrooms for Health and Longevity.

Responsible Eating and Living - Karen Hartglass interviews Ken Babal. 

Laura Theodore, The Jazzy Vegetarian Radio Show - Laura Theodore welcomes author Ken Babal to talk about mushrooms and share great recipes. We'll talk about his book Mushrooms for Health and Longevity.

The Cindy Freeling Radio Show - Author and Nutritionist Ken Babal, C.N.

High Beam Research - Robert Crayhon interviews nutritionist Ken Babal: Clinical Pearls from his Nutrition Practice.

DRUM - Avoid Radiation Overkill with Smart Nutrition

Awareness Magazine - Lion's Mane: A Medicinal Mushroom for Your Brain

Alive - CLA Sheds Light on Shedding Pounds

Vitamin Trader - The Cancer Fighting Qualities of Mushrooms

Los Angeles Times - Organic: The Big Business of Organics

BioResearch Newsletter Update - Medicinal Mushrooms

YouTube - Healthy Eating Tips: What is a Healthy Diet?

eHow - Healthy Eating Tips

DRUM - How to Slow the Aging Process

DRUM - Killer Stress

DRUM - Stay in the Zone

DRUM - Alcohol: Healthy Beverage or Addictive Drug?

Mother's Market Radio - Kimberly King interviews Ken Babal about Mushrooms, March 3. 2013

KPCRadio - Sounds Real with Chloe Wilde - Ken Babal discusses "Beauty from Within"